StarsFirst visit not last

A table was reserved for my partner her daughter and husband and two teenage children.The place is very welcoming from the outside and also on entering. We arrived early and so had some pre dinner drinks.Shortly after arriving a young man began to play the guitar and sing.Good entertainment without being a distraction. Once our table was ready we went in to the restaurant.It is quite big and was full. The food was enjoyed by all but I have to say the price is not for the average working person more of a treat maybe. After the meal back to the lounge more drinks and then home.Very enjoyable and would go again.Am saving up already.

- marpat Bolton, England


StarsJust as an Italian Restaurant should be.

We used to go to an Italian Restaurant about a mile from Carmelos, since it opened over 20 years ago; it changed hands about 4 years ago and hasn't been the same since. Have been looking for somewhere similar where we can hold family celebrations and have a romantic meal, that is near to home. We have found it. When we went in, one of the Waiters from the other restaurant was there and gave us both a great welcome. Unfortunately, it was the end of his shift, but the other Waiters were just at welcoming and we had a great meal with a fantastic atmosphere and we will be back and back and back. I had the starter of pate and it was well presented with home made melba toast and more than enough pate. The pizzas were great, thin crusts, like we get when we go to Italy. The menu was good and it is the first place in the UK that I have seen a dish with my favourite sauce the pizzaiola (garlic and tomato sauce) and I cannot wait to try it. My Husband took me here to cheer me up as I had had some bad news. It did the trick. Thank you Carmelo's

- Velma44 Bolton


StarsNot bad at all!

Not been here for over 10 years since moving away - and it hasn't changed a bit! It's a very good local restaurant. Could be considered a little pricey but I think the quality of food and service is good enough to justify the prices. I particularly like how they asked if we wanted the king prawns served in or out of the shell and also how they served the vegetables to us rather than leave them in the middle of the table - not even the Michelin restaurants do that anymore! Some things could be improved: the crockery looked a little old and worn and I do prefer fabric napkins to paper serviettes but I'm a snob and other than that I have no complaints. Now that my little sister has moved to the area I think I'll be a regular again!

- Stanandden, United Kingdom


StarsNice but overpriced

Staff were very friendly. We did feel rushed at times, but I think it's because we were the only people present in the restaurant and so the staff were over attentive to us! Food was off a good standard but was very overpriced. There are other restaurants in Bury serving similar food at more reasonable prices. Would go again but only at happy hour!!

- A8812, Manchester, United Kingdom